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This truck has presented a lot of new experiences

After destroying the 904 transmission I replaced it with a 727 transmission.  The new transmission is bigger and a little longer.  The adapter between the transmission and the transfer is several inches longer and ended up raising the height as well.  Here are some pics showing the steps required to build a hump over the transmission and transfer case. Click on the pics for a full size view.

The change required removing flooring and some structure.

I bolted in some of the structure for access to the shifters if they have to be rebuilt.

I'm starting back with the flooring by cutting down the one on the driver's side.

I had to trim the passenger side a little too, for clearance and better fit for the hump.

Now it is just one little piece at a time.

Moved over to the right side.

This is what I have left to work with.

Left side with a small piece.

Last piece on the right side.

Starting on top, marked for transfer shifter.

Using the transfer shifter as modified for the previous transmission.

Templates from political signs. See they are useful.

Now from the back toward the front.

Only one little corner left.

This little piece was the hardest to fit.

Now we need a transmission shifter.

Shifter is from the Cherokee. The tower was cut down from the earlier application.

In the meantime, I built a fan shroud and installed a 6 bladed fan from a '90 360.

I've built a rear bumper and covered up the gas tank.

And, I did complete the front of the hump, against the firewall.